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Bit4Data implements MEGA International solutions at Spain.

MEGA International was founded in 1991.So far, MEGA has served 2.700 clients in various industries. More than 75.000 professionals in 40+ countries are licensed users of MEGA products.

The company has a strong international presence. Headquartered in Paris, MEGA has subsidiaries in 7 countries: USA, Mexico, UK, Italy, Germany, Morocco and Singapore). In territories not covered by subsidiaries, MEGA is working with highly skilled local partners, with extensive business and technical knowledge.

MEGA helps large organizations and enterprises manage their corporate complexity in a by optimizing and transforming their operational model, assuring it is aligned with their strategy and objectives.

Its enterprise architecture solutions − use a proven methodology based on standards, enterprise architecture frameworks, and best practices set forth by industry organizations and standard-setting bodies.

MEGA’s enterprise solutions have been recognized by worldwide industry analysts. For example, for 6 consecutive years MEGA has been considered a leader in Gartner EA Magic Quadrant. (“MagicQuadrantFor Enterprise Architecture 30 September 2014“):

  • “Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Architecture Tools 2014”  

Forrester Research, Inc. has also included MEGA among the leaders (“The Forrester WaveTM: Strategic Planning Tools for the BT Agenda Q1 2015“):

  • “The Forrester WaveTM: Strategic Planning Tools for Business Technology Strategies Q1 2015″
  • “The Forrester WaveTM: Strategic Planning Tools for Enterprise Architecture Q1 2015″
  • “The Forrester WaveTM: Strategic Planning Tools for Portfolio Managers Q1 2015″.


MEGA Enterprise Governance solutions are focused on: Enterprise Architecture y GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance).

All MEGA solutions are integrated on a single platform called HOPEX (Holistic Operational Excellence).

While other technology vendors have to interconnect their diverse components, HOPEX allows all stakeholders to share the same objectives for supporting the corporate governance strategy, thus ensuring productivity, interoperability and collaboration.

The main benefits of HOPEX are:

An integrated information repository, unique for the whole company.

  • A space of collaboration that overpasses all organizational silos
  • A web-based, multilingual, user friendly interface User profile, user access, and user rights management that comply with security standards.
  • Guidance of user activity on each phase of the workflows.
  • Hundreds of preconfigured and customizable objects (reports, dashboards, workflows, etc.), along with editors for generating new objects.
  • A questionnaire-based assessment engine that designs and deploys campaigns and automates result consolidation and analysis. It can natively apply to your organization, risks, controls, and IT assets.
  • A graphical, diagram-based modeling engine that describes and documents your organization and assets, including business processes, information, risks, controls, applications, technology, data, and their dependencies. It provides birds-view maps that let you drill down to the details.
  • Interoperability with third-party systems
    • Java API
    • Authentification (LDAP, Active Directory)
    • Dashboarding (SAP Xcelsius web service)
    • Reporting (SAP Business Objects)
    • Importing and exporting (Visio, Microsoft Excel, data modeling and business modeling tools)
    • Export formats (XPDEL, BPEL, XMI, and others)

HOPEX es el resultado de 25 años de experiencia en buen gobierno corporativo y arquitectura empresarial.

Mientras otros proveedores de tecnología tienen que interconectar diversos componentes, las soluciones de MEGA están construidas sobre una plataforma común. Con HOPEX, todos los participantes trabajan hacia la misma meta de apoyar la estrategia de gobierno corporativo.

HOPEX proporciona productividad, interoperabilidad y colaboración.


MEGA Enterprise Architecture is an extremely flexible and modular solution. MEGA adapts to all organizational contexts, priorities and agendas.

MEGA gives businesses the tools they need to obtain a comprehensive overview of their organization, and help them design and implement agile IT systems, streamlined business processes, and optimized operating frameworks, aligned with their business strategies. Executives can foresee the impact of their decisions and plan the right actions at the right time to manage business transformation.

MEGA Enterprise Architecture solutions can help you deliver value and transform your business at minimal risk and cost.

A MEGA-based project can start with the Business Architecture which includes the definition and alignment of the strategic goals and the operational capabilities. Alternatively, the project can be focused on the description, analysis and performance measurement of the processes within a specific area.

The initial effort can be focused on the Information Architecture – either on the conceptual level (taking the organization’s knowledge as an asset) or on a data modeling level (aiming at the physical implementation).

Another start option is the IT Architecture. Initially, you create a baseline architecture model of the applications and technology components. The task can be accelerated by synchronizing data with the CMDB. In a second phase, you create a model of the target architecture and plan the transformation process.

Several organizations started using MEGA in order to develop Application Blueprints. The process encompasses the identification of the business needs and their translation into functional and technical specs. The detailed documentation of the application architecture s increases the efficiency and reduces the design and implementation project costs.

MEGA IT Portfolio Management allows CIOs to plan the inventory of their applications and technologies, assess portfolios from several perspectives (fitness to business, functional coverage, compliance to the corporate standards, risks, costs, etc.) and plan their evolution in the coming years, based on business objectives.

Regardless of the EA project starting point, thanks to the unique centralized shared repository, all MEGA solutions on HOPEX seamlessly integrates with each other, providing synergies between architecture and management activities.

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